Sponsorship Letter


Venice Beach Hall of Fame Day

Please help us with a sponsorship or donation for this historical event. On Labor Day Weekend, September 2, 2012, we will be inducting players, coaches, staff and sponsors into the Venice Beach Basketball Hall of Fame. During this special event we will host youth and adult basketball games, highlighted by the Ballin for Peace Celebrity All Star Game. This family affair will also provide free giveaways and live entertainment performances.

Our non-profit organization began outdoor basketball at Venice Beach in 1981. We are responsible for Venice Beach becoming one of the most famous outdoor basketball locations in the world. All-Star players such as Kobe Bryant and Gilbert Arenas played in our tournaments before becoming high profile professional basketball players known worldwide. Our ceremony will be honoring many people who helped establish outdoor basketball at Venice Beach. Our theme for thirty years was "Have a Ball without Drugs, Alcohol, and Gang Violence" which was always well received from the community, players, families and politicians.

Please join us and be a part of this historical event that no other outdoor basketball program has ever developed. I am available to provide you with a formal presentation concerning the program and sponsorship. Our organization (The New Social Workers) is a non-profit organization registered with the state and federal government. State and federal identification numbers are available upon your request. All donations, sponsorships, and products/services will be welcomed to help make this historical event a success. An expense/budget sheet is available upon your request. A financial donation/sponsorship will help purchase individual hall of fame medallions, t-shirts, basketball court rental/insurance, and a plaque with inductee’s names placed in cement at Venice Beach.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kenn I. Hicks, Executive Director, 818-788-8667 /
Hymie Glass, Director - 818 – 578-6643 /
Provat Gupta, Director - 818-246-7206 /
Cedric Smith, Director - 818-388-3698
Ryan Hicks, Asst. Director - 818-256-9306 /

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