Hall of Fame Ceremony

Labor Day Weekend - Sunday, September 2, 2012 - 1:00 at Venice Beach

Welcome to the Venice Beach Basketball Hall of Fame Website

We started organized basketball tournaments/leagues at Venice Beach in 1981 and ended in 2002. We had teams come from as far as New York City, and many professional basketball players participated because our tournament was so competitive with thousands of people watching. Please join us Labor Day Sunday to honor the players and coaches who helped make Venice Beach a historical basketball landmark which is now famous throughout the world.

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Enclosed is a list of Venice Beach Basketball players and coaches being nominated to be inducted into the Venice Beach Basketball Hall of Fame. These players and coaches were instrumental in making Venice Beach one of the most famous outdoor basketball locations in the world!

Players and Coaches Being Inducted into the 2012 Hall of Fame

 NOTE: Contacted Players & Coaches are marked in blue.

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  • Brian Anderson
  • Eric Anderson
  • Gilbert Arenas
  • Dennis Askew
  • Kimo Atkins
  • Ron Baldwin
  • Shawn Bankhead
  • Cleona Banks (Deceased)
  • Dennis Banks
  • Fuzzie Banks (Deceased)
  • Herbie Banks
  • Milton Banks (Deceased)
  • Herman Pearl Barnes
  • Leslie Barnett
  • Ron Beals
  • Karl Becker
  • Nate Bellamy
  • Shane Berry
  • Pat Bolden
  • Fly Brandon
  • Mel Braxton
  • Omar Bray
  • Russell Brown
  • Phil Bruder
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Allen Builteman
  • Wallace Burney
  • Evan Burns
  • Dante Cain
  • Tyrone Cain
  • Leo Calhoun (Deceased)
  • Elwayne Campbell
  • Cecil Cavines
  • Jerry Chambers
  • Coston Charles
  • Chris Childs
  • Charles Clark
  • Ken Clark
  • Malik Clark
  • Richard Clay
  • Mike Conn
  • Reggie Cotton
  • Deric Craven
  • Eric Craven
  • Charles Criss (Deceased)
  • Baron Davis
  • DC
  • Cortie Dillard
  • Chester Dorsey
  • Zellie Dow
  • Bill Dusenbury
  • Fred Eckles III
  • Edward Estavan
  • Leilani A. Estavan
  • Zeke Everette
  • Les Farmer
  • Carl Fields
  • Gary Fields
  • Steve Fleming
  • Edmond Flournoy
  • Fluke Fluker
  • Ruby Fonseca (Swim Suit Winner-1986)
  • Joe Ford
  • Tremaine Fowkes
  • John T. Frankenheimer
  • Danny Frazier
  • Zane Frazier
  • Anthony Fredricks Family
  • Clay Fuller
  • Chris Galloway
  • Bruce Garner
  • Sam Garner
  • Nick Gaillard
  • Keith George
  • Keith Gibbs
  • Percy Gilbert
  • Hymie Glass
  • Kerry Glover
  • Harold Goodson
  • Darryl Gowens
  • Rodney Gowens
  • Ken Graham
  • Juan Graves
  • Morris Griffin
  • Farad Gupta
  • Provat Gupta
  • Vince Hall
  • Rico Hanish
  • Eric Harden
  • Carlos Harper
  • Chester Harvey
  • Robert Haskins
  • Juaquine Hawkins
  • Dwight Haynes
  • Jerome Henderson
  • JR Henderson
  • Milt Henderson
  • Jimmy (June) Henry
  • Gary Hicks
  • Kenyatta Hicks
  • Ryan Hicks
  • Nicole Hicks
  • Sandy Hines
  • Floyd Hooper
  • Lester Jackson (Deceased)
  • Monica Jackson
  • Mark Jefferson
  • Dave Johnson
  • Greg Johnson
  • Rock Johnson
  • Tim F. Johnson
  • Fred Jones
  • Harold Jones
  • Troy Joseph
  • Robin Kennedy
  • Kyle Kerligan
  • Larry Kimble
  • Eric Kizzie
  • Michael Knight
  • Billy Knox
  • Bob Labrum
  • Theoron Ladermil
  • Greg Lakey (Deceased)
  • Michael Law
  • George Layton
  • Steve Leary
  • Bob Le'Brum
  • Lisa Leslie
  • Fred Lewis
  • Nigel Lloyd
  • Mike Mankerian
  • Ivorie Manning
  • Sean Manning
  • Barry E. Morrow
  • Sam Mason
  • Ollie Matson
  • Daryl Mays
  • Clarence Metcalf
  • Greg Mc Call
  • Paul McCracken
  • Darryl McDonald
  • Clarence McGee
  • David Moses Miller
  • Page Millard
  • Randy Milton (Deceased)
  • Reggie Mims
  • Ervin Monier
  • Devin Montgomery
  • Garry Moore
  • John Moore
  • Marion Moore
  • Mike Moore
  • Rocky Moore
  • Robert Murray
  • Tracy Murray
  • Louis Nelson
  • Bob Nickleson
  • David Oliver, Jr.
  • Dick Olnick
  • Charles (Bo) Outlaw
  • Kevin Paris
  • DeVaughn K. Peace
  • Harry Perry
  • Eric Peterson
  • James Peterson
  • Reggie Phillips
  • Gary Pickens
  • Johnnie Pittman Jr.
  • Carl Pitts
  • Mel Platt
  • Clev Porter
  • James Powell
  • Ivory Price
  • Kaimarr Price
  • Mark Price
  • Mark Price II
  • Ron Quarterman
  • JR Reese
  • Leon Richardson
  • Rick Rock
  • Hank Ross (Deceased)
  • Keith Ross
  • Rich Russ
  • Don Sakaida
  • Ted Sakaida
  • Tran Swayer
  • Samantha Seals
  • Joe Sills
  • Jose Slaughter
  • Bill Smith
  • Craig Smith
  • Elijah Smith
  • Kenny Smith
  • Kim Smith
  • Robert Smith
  • Rod Smith (Deceased)
  • Clyde Spears
  • Andre Spencer
  • Tommy Stokes
  • Donald Strong
  • Steve Sturgeon
  • Rick Sutton
  • Tran Swayer
  • Mike Sweeney
  • Homer Taylor
  • Antoine Terrell
  • George Terry
  • Dwayne Texas
  • Derryck Thornton
  • Alex Torres
  • John Trapp
  • Greg Tuchek
  • Dwight Tyler
  • James Verdon
  • Glen Wafer
  • Frank Wallace
  • Casper Ware
  • Tony Warren
  • Izzy Washington
  • Lance Washington
  • Ed Waters
  • Elbert Watkins
  • Joe Weakley (Deceased)
  • Stan Webster
  • Charles White
  • Jaleel White
  • Larry White
  • Brian Williams
  • Darrly Williams
  • Marcus Williams
  • Mike Williams
  • Pete Williams
  • Gary Wilson
  • Ronda Windham
  • Michele Woods
  • Dorell Wright
  • George Wrighster
  • Fred Yarbrough (Deceased)
  • Arnold Young

Players and Coaches - Special Recognition Award

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  • Kobe Bryant
  • Milton Banks (Deceased)
  • Nigel Lloyd
  • Carl Fields
  • Danny Frazier
  • Reggie Phillips
  • Alex Torres
  • Chester Harvey
  • Izzy Washington
  • Ivorie Manning
  • Leo Calhoun (Deceased)
  • Floyd Hooper
  • Ryan Hicks
  • Ron Beals
  • Lester Jackson (Deceased)
  • Robert Haskins
  • Morris Griffin
  • Damon Haley
  • Chris Childs
  • JR Henderson
  • Hank Ross (Deceased)
  • Rod Smith (Deceased)
  • Joe Weakley (Deceased)
  • Fluke Fluker
  • Russell Brown
  • Bill Smith
  • Michael Law
  • Sean Manning
  • Ron Baldwin
  • Ruben Salas
  • Robin Kennedy
  • John T. Frankenheimer
  • Nick Gaillard
  • Delpha Baxter
  • Harry Perry
  • Dino Smiley
  • Lincoln Parker
  • Charles White
  • Darryl McDonald
  • Mel Platt
  • Sean Manning
  • Robin Kennedy
  • Ted Sakaida
  • Victor Jauregi
  • Ron Baldwin
  • Michael Law

Players and Coaches - Memorable Memories

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Alex Torres: The first time we arrived at Venice Beach to compete, a player from another team asked me who we were? I told him we were from Riverside. He asked me where Riverside was. I told him between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. He told me he had never heard of Riverside. I think people know where Riverside is today thanks to our participation in the Venice Beach tournaments...

Dwayne A. Texas Playing in all those tournaments, the motel rooms close by with all the players from all over. Playing against some great names, players that gave me my props noticing that I played hard thru out the entire game. I recall one time we had to play two or three times in one day and won them all. Slam Dunk contest with me, Presnell Gilbert, and helicopter, Wowwwwww!! Thanks for the Best Tournments Ever. Bikini Contest whew!!!

DeVaughn K Peace It was a time when we could go to the beach with our families, and enjoy each other without worrying about being robbed or assaulted. It was the "Best of Times". The competition was great and the sportsmanship was unbelievable.

Darryl Gowens: Love the "Bikini Contest" and Slam Dunk Competition. It was always the highlight of the 3 day event. Also when we played the different cities New York, Chicago and Texas. Excellent Tourney. Ole "School Basketball at it's best" A lot of Great Athletes.....Thanks you, Ken and rest of the three amigos! You guys were Great to be around. God Bless you. Darryl Gowens

Juan Graves: Being a part of Venice Beach tournaments is always a memorable event as a coach and a player, especially having the opportunity to bring all ages together to enjoy basketball.

Bill “Fort” Knox: When I tomahawk dunked on everybody and threw the nasty finger roll with the english off the glass. Because one thing I could do was finger roll with english muffin.

Homer Taylor It was always fun to be in those championship games on the first Memorial Day and then Labor Day holidays, when Venice Beach was always especially packed and people were all crowded around the basketball court. It made us feel like the whole world was watching when we ran up and down the court. The soul music blaring during warm-ups and time outs really helped set the scene and tone, LA style. Those Venice Beach tournaments will always be amongst my fondest memories of my basketball playing days!

Damon Haley: Most memorable moment was in the summer of 1998 at the Nike Represent Championship. Game 3 of the NBA Finals was on at the same time as the celebrity game and NYC vs. Chicago Represent Championship. The fire marshal was about to shut the game down there were so many people on hand. The celeb game had all the usual suspects - Brian McKnight, Flex, Allen Payne, etc. - along with musical talents Jermaine Dupree, Jagged Edge and some other Columbia artist. Venice Beach was on fire in terms of the "eye candy". And Magic Johnson tipped off the championship. It didn't get any better than that!

Erik Harden: Labor Day weekend 2002. The young L.A. Paladins were matched up against the top team from San Diego featuring California's top ranked small forward Domenic Mcguire. We introduced a 16 year sleeper to the Los Angeles basketball community named Dorell Wright. He played GREAT vs. Domenic and established himself as the next "blue-chipper". How ironic that Dorell and Domenic are "teammates" for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA for this 2011-12 season.

Greg Tuchek I spent a lot of good times at Venice Beach and was raised a streetball player. I miss those days and the tournaments were the best! That is like a dream 2 me.

Tim F. Johnson I never forget that I brought Gary Crouse a young white Ballheaded Baller out of El Paso, Texas to the tournament around the 1987,88. He looked like a 50 year old man and he started shakin, bakin and puttin on a clinic and everyone was wondering who in the hell is this old man out here doing work! Hell Gary was only in his twenties!

Tony Dawson When Kobe Bryant was 17 year old he showed us the skills and determination then that we have grown to love over the years.

Kerry Glover There were so many moments. Playing against top players from all areas of southern california. Hanging out with PRO was always was a blessing.

Bill Smith Back in the day,1985, playing with Antony\"Buddha\'Fredricks(Ind-pacers),Ervin Monier,Mike Conn Arnold Young & John T. Frankenheimer and winning the Pro-Am championship with Santa Monica Record One, brings back memories of INTENSTY,COMPETTION,& guys loosing their finger prints as they hit the gravel surface. Man what a Tournment!

Michael Moore Every Tournament was run great! We had so many Fans and watching! It was great playing in some of the All-Star Games, winning the 3 Point Contest, but always loved winning it all! Life is about Relationships and to this day its been fun keeping in contact and helping many of the Players kids now develop and for the Elite get a Free Education! Really miss the old days of Hooping it Up at Venice Beach! You guys did a great job of running one of the Best Tournaments of all time! I was fortunate enough to play Pro Ball over the world and this still was one of my favorite Places to play! Love the Beach, the Announcers, Beautiful Woman, Ambiance, and commodorie we had with so many People! Life is about Relationships and wanted to "Thank you all for helping us live the Dream and have some of our best times"! There were so many great times. Remember beating New York in the Championship and one year losing to the best Team ever from New York in the Championship. We won the 6'2'' and under as well and had the best Shooters to ever play down there! Think we hit 19 3's in one game! Not sure what I did the best whether it was being M.V.P., playing in the All-Star game, winning the 3 point contest, ect. All great times! Thanks for the great memories and I look forward to seeing you all on Labor Day! Thanks

Ron Baldwin I remember all the battles our Team from Riverside had with Chester and the Pasadena teams over the years. It was great battling with all the guys and enjoying the friendships made from the tournaments. The tournaments at Venice Beach were always first class and very well organized and entertaing. My fondest memory was winning the MVP at the first tournament.

Players and coaches must accept the nomination to be inducted into the Venice Beach Basketball Hall of Fame and be present at the ceremony. You must call, email, or fill out the online form below to accept the nomination.

Help contact the other players and coaches being nominated.

For additional information and to be inducted into the Hall of Fame contact:
Kenn I. Hicks – 818-788-8667 /
Hymie Glass - 818–578-6643 /
Pro Gupta – 818-246-7206 /



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New Social Workers Staff, Referees, Sponsors, and Celebrity Support

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  • Kenn I. Hicks
  • Mark Price
  • Bill Strayhorn
  • Butch Carr


  • Hymie Glass
  • Provat Gupta
  • Cedric Smith
  • Tony Dawson


SLAM Magazine Staff:

  • Spiro Maroulis
  • Dennis Page
  • Susan Price

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  • Luz Siordia & Family

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  • Ken & Pat Anderson

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  • Damon Haley
  • Steve Fleming
  • Willie Davis
  • Ralph Jackson
  • Ted Sakaida
  • Greg Newell
  • Steve Ring
  • Ronda Goldie


  • Randy Douglas
  • Tiyana Glass
  • Yolanda Glass
  • Farad Gupta
  • Kenyatta Hicks
  • Nicole Hicks
  • Ryan Hicks
  • Bob Landrum
  • Marguis Moody
  • Glen Shepherd
  • Harold Webb (Deceased)
  • Darren Scott
  • Rob Lewis
  • Shannon Gallien
  • Eurine Kaufman
  • Mario Mann
  • Larry Robinson
  • Fred Jones
  • Billy Hicks (Deceased)
  • Jerome Elliott
  • Linda Allen Herrera


  • Steve Pope
  • Charles Perry
  • Mark Clark
  • Lester Barnett
  • Sampson Brue
  • Gary Fields
  • Earnest Kelly Sr.
  • Earnest Kelly Jr.
  • TP Thompson
  • Mike Dent
  • Leon Wood
  • Darren Calhoun


  • Linda Hicks
  • Genevieve Glass
  • Yolanda Amaya
  • Sandra Price
  • Pam Ladermil
  • Kamille Torres
  • Jackie Cavines


  • Ja'net Dubois
  • Jim Hill
  • Allen Payne
  • Denzel Washington
  • John Whitherspoon
  • Brian McKnight
  • Reggie Theus
  • Al Cook
  • David Damus
  • Russ Parr
  • David Damas
  • Richard Sandfield

Venice Beach Basketball Winners from Previous Years

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Won Most Championships Pro-Division

  • Ivory Manning (5)
  • Dick Olnick/Alex Torres (3)
  • Provat Gupta/Mike Mankerian (3)
  • Chester Harvey/Charles Crisp (3)

35 Years Old & Older Division

  • Leo Calhoun (5)

Pro Division Winners

  • 1981- Riverside Springers
  • 1982- Riverside Springers
  • 1983- Riverside Springers
  • 1984- Hollywood Poinsettia All-stars
  • 1985- Santa Monica Record One
  • 1986- New York City –Prime Time
  • 1987- West Los Angeles Realty
  • 1988- Covina Sportsmen
  • 1989- Covina Sportsmen
  • 1990- Bakersfield Jammers
  • 1991- Pasadena All-Stars
  • 1992- Pasadena/Woodland Hills
  • 1993- Bakersfield Jammers
  • 1994- Venice Pro’s
  • 1995- Bakersfield Jammers
  • 1996- Bakersfield Jammers
  • 1997- Bakersfield Jammers
  • 1998- Bakersfield Jammers
  • 1999- Crenshaw All-stars
  • 2000- Pasadena All-stars

6 Feet 2 & Under Division

  • Ivory Manning (4)
  • Tony Warren (4)
  • Mike Mankerian (4)
  • Alex Torres/Ron Baldwin (3)

Pre-College Youth Division (16 & 17yrs)

  • Darryl McDonald (5)
  • Edmond Tiny Flournoy (2)

Pre-College Division

  • 1987- Lakeview Terrace Bulls
  • 1988- Carson Slam & Jam
  • 1989- Los Angeles K & E Bulls
  • 1990- Los Angeles K & E Bulls
  • 1991- San Fernando Cavs
  • 1992- Los Angeles Sports Express
  • 1993- Bakersfield Jammers
  • 1994- San Fernando Cavs
  • 1995- San Fernando Cavs
  • 1996- San Fernando Cavs
  • 1997- Phoenix Arizona Razorbacks
  • 1998- San Fernando Valley Cavs
  • 1999- Los Angeles I-CAN
  • 2000- Granada Hills Bangles

Professional Basketball Players that Played At Venice Beach in the 80’s & 90’s

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  • Andre Patterson - New York Knicks
  • Andre Spencer - Sacramento Kings
  • Bob Rule - Atlanta Hawks
  • Bud Stalworth - Portland Trailblazers
  • Charles Bo Outlaw - Los Angeles Clippers
  • Chris Childs - New York Knicks
  • Elwayne Campbell - Los Angeles Clippers
  • Fly Brandon - Harlem Globetrotters
  • Grant Gondozak - Los Angeles Clippers
  • Ivory Manning - Harlem Globetrotters
  • James Bacon - Harlem Globetrotters
  • James Hollywood Robinson - Minnesota Timberwolves
  • James Martin - Kansas City Kings
  • Jerome Henderson - Detroit Pistons
  • Jose Slaughter - Indiana Pacers
  • Joyce Walker - Harlem Globetrotters
  • Juaquin Hawkins - Houston Rockets
  • Kobe Bryant - Los Angeles Lakers
  • Larry Demic - New York Knicks
  • Larry Kimble - San Diego Clippers
  • Leroy Stampley - Phoenix Suns
  • Louis Nelson - Utah Jazz
  • Marion Moore - San Antonio Spurs
  • Michael Knight - Baltimore Bullets
  • Milton Banks - Harlem Globetrotters
  • Nigel Lloyd - Los Angeles Clippers
  • Paul McCracken - Houston Rockets
  • Pete Gondozak - New York Knicks
  • Pete Williams - Denver Nuggets
  • Reggie Jordan - Atlanta Hawks
  • Reggie Phillips - Harlem Globetrotters
  • Rick Sutton - Boston Celtics
  • Robert Smith - Golden State Warriors
  • Ron Carter - Los Angeles Lakers
  • Sam High - Detroit Pistons
  • Sean Manning - Sacramento Kings
  • Tony Farmer - Indiana Pacers
  • Tracy Murray - Washington Bullets

Street Ball Nick Names at Venice

Click here to display full list of nick names: Show/Hide
  • 2 on U
  • Air Dogg
  • All - All
  • All Net
  • Ball Hog
  • Big Cheese
  • Big Man
  • Big Money
  • Bone Collector
  • Cat
  • CEO
  • Clem-is-fear
  • Clyde-A-Scope
  • Clutch El Jeff
  • Come Get It
  • Cruise Control
  • Cry Baby
  • D 1
  • Doc
  • Fort Knox
  • Flying High
  • Get Served
  • Gig Guy
  • Godfather
  • He Got Game
  • Hollywood
  • I Can Fly
  • I Still Got It
  • Ice
  • In Your Face
  • Inches
  • Iron Man
  • It’s All Good
  • J-Dogg
  • K-Money
  • Kreatur
  • Look Out Below
  • M Goo
  • Money In The Bank
  • Mr. Basketball
  • Mr. Big Stuff
  • New School
  • Nothin But Net
  • Ohio Player
  • Old School
  • On You
  • Prime Time
  • Pro
  • Rose Royce
  • Shake & Bake
  • Showtime
  • Sik-Wit-It
  • Silencer
  • Sky Walker
  • Sky’s the Limit
  • Slam and Jam
  • Smallie Big
  • Spin Master
  • Swish
  • The Agent
  • T-Bone
  • The Accelerator
  • The General
  • The Grove
  • The Legion
  • The Mitten
  • The Silencer
  • The World
  • Top Gun
  • Triple Threat
  • Up High
  • Up Up & Away
  • You Got Served

SIGN UP NOW for the National To The Top Contest. Can you touch the top of the basketball backboard (13 feet) or Jump Higher? Labor Day Weekend at Venice Beach Sponsored by SLAM Magazine. Use the Approval Form above to register.

These basketball players went To The Top:

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  • Glover "Action" Jackson - Chicago, IL
  • Dante Green - Lancaster, CA
  • Michael "Air Dog" Stewart - Apple Valley, CA
  • Haneef "Young Hollywood" - Los Angeles, CA
  • Ryan "Special Effects" Williams - NYC (Rucker Park)
  • Kevaun McKenzie - NYC (Goat's Park)
  • Khalil Pitts - Phenix City, AL

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